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Welcome to my userpage !

2007-07-17 22:58:51 by KynetiK-27

What can I say? Im the philosophical, pantheistic artist, disgusted and amused at mankinds ability to be both so imaginatively creative yet so frighteningly arrogant.

Ive loved animation all my life, the history of the art is quite amazing - i suggest researching it yourself one day. Ive played out my existence drawing, making music, playing/building videogames, reading a LOT, studying the workings of the world - art & language, chemistry, physics, biology, electronics, sociology and psychology, theology & philosophy. One of my great passions is the martial arts, combat and peace being culminative of ones survival value. In any case im beginning to ramble, if my way interests you then im sure ill hear from you.

Please take the time to browse my Flashes and feel free to leave feedback ^_^


-||- KYnetiK -||-

Welcome to my userpage !


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2010-08-15 16:46:13

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