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2008-05-05 02:26:14 by KynetiK-27

EDIT : I had a stint in hospital and have been set back a lot. Ive had to concentrate a lot of my energy elsewhere for some time, but now Im back and hungry to get my AI working.

Im currently working on a fighting engine, best described as a scrolling StreetFighter/HyperDimension.
You're just a casual pothead chasing some green, but something big is going down and you get caught in the middle, unlocking hidden powers and taking you on a n epic mythology to protect the world from certain disaster.
All of earths great warriors are chasing something special, and you have to take them all down and save the day, keeping your high along the way.
You will be fighting multiple enemies at once, so you must be resourceful to survive.

Most of the player stuff has been done, enemy stuff is being worked on as we speak. I have a basic dummy enemy working however its too buggy for a demo as yet.

Atm the gamedemo has :

- variety of melee combo attacks and linkers, from crouching, standing, to airbourne.
- basic attacks will alternate left and right side - eg a weak punch will use left arm then right etc
- proper special moves and button triggers eg F,D,F+ Punch does an Shoryuken style uppercut.
- charge attacks, for punching, kicking and kiblasts.
- player can turn around manually, from standing quickturn to airbourne moonsault and within a combo for multidirectional combat. Animation varies with time of use.
- variety of ki attacks, from fodder to superbeams.
- evasive double-dashes
- blocking, dodging and countering ( a lot missing)
- camera shaking and screen damage from kiblasts
- basic lighting system (bit buggy)

Working on :

- dummy enemy and animations
- attack collisions and hurt reactions (front/back/up/down)
- multidirectional meteor combo system eg powerhit, teleport, powerhit, teleport etc
- enemy ai
- item collection - gunja types/ munchies/ weapons/ keys
- special move progression
- experience based on attackstyle - learn attacks based on how you fight.
- player gfx change with experience
- level design

Forum Thread
Playable Demo

Press 2,3 or 4 to navigate through Controls, Moveslist, and Key Legend and just mess around, see what you can do.


Latest Project !


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2008-05-05 10:35:54

Cool!!!! The screenie looks awesome!!! I cant wait for it!!! You are making awesome games!!! ;3


2008-05-16 21:41:15

i see alot of DBZ (my fav show)influence r u gonna be done with this anytime soon?

(Updated ) KynetiK-27 responds:

HyperDimension was a big influence on me, as well as StreetFighter. Oh the many blistered thumbs...
This is a big project, and the enemy script is currently being worked on. This is a large project and the engine itself is still coming together, It will take some time to polish into a game, so i wouldnt expect it too soon. But I will demo a few things as major updates progress and keep you posted.

Read the above Forum Thread for more detailed stuff.


2008-05-27 14:53:30

i played the demo its bad ass can you please mail me when it comes out peace out.rellnan


2008-06-11 22:47:32

You are awesome!


2008-06-23 14:08:00


Please put the enemy ontop of that list, or atleast sumthin 2 break

(Updated ) KynetiK-27 responds:

You will have a dummy enemy to practice on soon enough, as well as some breakable scenery.


2008-07-12 23:34:25



2008-07-15 17:43:23

i want it!!!


2008-08-09 13:40:46

awesome but wow laggy on my comp :( lol looks like it could be on the gba, or any of those other nintendo things

(Updated ) KynetiK-27 responds:

Thanks ^_^

Im trying to minimise the lag. Adding enemies doesnt help things, so I have to tone down some things. A lot of the lag most likely comes from the bevel filter acting as a lighting system. What specs is your PC, just so I have an idea of gauging things?


2008-11-18 02:46:45

Since I've already written a review in the past on your DBZ game, I figure I'll leave a comment for a bug report. If charging an attack prior to.. or during a toke, you are restricted to verticle movements only. I didn't bother making a repeat attempt, but while fighting, a forceblade hit a leaf and made me toke for half a second and I could again only move up and down.


2008-12-21 10:56:45



2009-02-15 09:47:51

i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-09-16 13:42:11

when is this project finshed


2010-01-01 16:54:42

NICE!!! Cant Wait. Also, Not Sure if this is one of the bugs but if your on the other side of the enemy you dont face him.