The GAUNTLET : Release!

2011-04-27 13:14:40 by KynetiK-27

The Gauntlet has been sold and is officially released!

Show your support by playing and being among the scoreboard leaders! Tell your friends to run The Gauntlet today!

A big special shoutout to Arnoud v/d Horst from Arcadebomb for being an absolute pleasure to do business with.


The Gauntlet is a mysterious device that will test your agility and reflexes. Dash through the network at break-neck speeds to become champion of cyberspace!

After stumbling upon an intriguing device, the player is thrust into a virtual reality. To discover the true function of the program, you must make your way through cyberspace in the ultimate test of your agility and reflexes.

Features :

- Challenging puzzle based on simple rules and player skill.
- Simple Controls : Arrow Keys, Spacebar + Shift. Press Q to quick-restart during gameplay.
- Realtime Tutorial included.
- Unique interface navigation.
- Integrated anti-cheat system.
- Online Score & Achievement Tracking.
- Bonus Stage: Get a combo of 50 or more during your game to execute.
- Unlockable Stealth Mode: get a Stealth Bonus on all 10 stages to unlock this mode.
- Beat Stealth Mode for unstoppable Bit Power!!!


Sponsored by ARCADEBOMB

Compete for the highest score at KYNETIK-ART !!!

NG -- Scoreboard
NG ++ Scoreboard


The GAUNTLET : Release!


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2011-04-27 21:51:50

This game kicks ass, well done.


2011-05-07 14:59:19

Btw I'm the best player for now.

Username: II2none


2011-05-11 02:42:04

hey I got the new high score but the game said "error" and now im still in second place...that kinda sucks.

I don't suppose there is anything you can do?


2011-06-06 11:52:43

Dude seriously whjats up with my high score not being registered. Did you lock it or somethin?

(Updated ) KynetiK-27 responds:

due to a flashplayer update I didnt anticipate, the gameserver only works from This is why the game directs you to the homepage if the highscore table isnt working...